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When your document is complete your adoption home study is legally good for one year and can be shared with your choice of adoption agencies. You are not limited to in state adoptions! Bigger adoption agencies have offices throughout the United States and even out of country, for international adoptions. When you have found the agency of your choice they can then view your approved adoption home study and begin working with you on finding a suitable match!

When crossing state lines with children safeguards are in place to secure the safety of all children from trafficking and other crimes. ICPC [Interstate Compact of the Placement of Children] has required Post Placement visits with each state to assure the legitimacy of the adoption and adjustment of the child into the home. Arkansas requires 2 post placement visits for out of state adoptions. There is a separate fee for post placement visits. A post placement visit is a short visit in the home of the adoptive family to identify successes and challenges in the placement of the adoptive child in the home. The report is sent to the adoptive placement agency, ICPC, and the adoptive family will receive a copy. There are separate prices for the post placement visits and it is not necessary that your adoptive home study was originally with me or another.

If you are coming from out of state and need an updated adoption adoptive home study or post placement contact me and I can work with you on your specific needs.

Custody Situations:

I have found from time to time that courts ask that a LCSW [Licensed Certified Social Worker] do a home study in the home of a potential guardian or a biological parent seeking a change for full or partial custody. Although these are not legally considered Home studies for adoptive purposes, it is a request by the court to confirm the home is a suitable residence for a child/children to live. I offer this additional service at a different price for families and the courts in these situations by going into the home to verify the residence in question and providing a written, notarized document describing the home environment.

Other Information:

Adoption Credit and Adoption Assistance Programs:   https://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc607

Trainings available: https://heartofthemattereducation.com AND  https://creatingafamily.org/   

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