Frequently Asked Questions


Do you travel to my area in Arkansas?


How quickly can you schedule a home study?

After you contact me I can typically schedule within the week if you live more centrally in Arkansas. Outside of the Central Arkansas area will require some travel time and I will have to do a little more planning ahead to get to your home. 

How long does it take for an adoption home study to be completed?  

Roughly a month. There will be some gathering of information on your part, 2 interviews with me, and background checks that can take up to 2 weeks. Much of this can be done along the same timeline.

Can you send copies of my adoption home study directly to me, my adoption placement agency and attorney?

Yes. Up to 3 original and notarized copies of your adoption home study can be requested. 

Will post placement visits be required after my baby / child has been placed into my home?

This will depend on a few factors. If your adoption placement agency is not in the state of Arkansas then yes. This is a national requirement to monitor children crossing state lines into adoption placements. This is to assure the legitimacy of the adoption and adjustment of the child into the home. Each state will differ on how many post placements are needed. Arkansas requires 2. International adoptions will need to follow the country’s guidelines on the number of adoption post placements required.

Will I be able to meet the birth mother?

This all depends on the type of adoption the agency , the birth mother, and you agree to. The following is a general guide.

  • Closed adoption – no contact and no shared names, possibly meet adoptive mother before birth
  • Semi-open adoption- May identify the state of the adoptive parents, meet adoptive mother before birth contact 1-2 times year only through the placement agency.
  • Open adoption- known names, knows state and arrange and agreed upon contact

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