The big wait

Your paper work has been gathered, the home study is done and your Portfolio of information has been submitted to your adoption agency. Now you wait. This waiting can seem like forever.

When I went through this process I remember I needed to remind myself to think of this as my 9 months of pregnancy. I needn’t rush, I needed to let the process happen on its own, I need my baby to be the right baby for me. I got very inpatient, but I reminded myself that things were going to happen the way they were suppose to happen in order for me to be placed with my baby. In reality there was a birth mother making difficult decisions. She would be deciding if adoption was right for her situation and worried if the child she carried would go to a good home. She would be combing through adoption portfolios of prospective families already approved and waiting for a child. Each portfolio she will be asking herself will these people be able to provide a better life for the child I’m carrying? Meanwhile I was simply anxious and anticipating holding this same baby.

For my big wait I decided I would let the process unfold the way it was meant, cherish updates, and best spend my time focusing on preparing the baby’s room, reading about adoption, about parenting, and obsess on checking my phone for any missed calls or emails from the adoption agency.

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