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My name is Kimberly “Kym” Palmer. Born in Arkansas, raised all over the world as a military brat and returned back as prodigal daughter to Arkansas to graduate University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I have been working in the Little Rock area providing therapy for over 23 years. I have provided therapy to individuals and families from ages 3 years of age to adults.  I’ve worked with divorced families, grieving families, oppositional children and teens, and adopting families. 

People always ask, “Where are you from?” Which always seemed hard to answer as a child because I was raised an “Air Force Brat.” Which meant I moved around a lot as a child! I always said, “I’m from all over, but my home state is Arkansas.” My family was blessed to travel the world and experience a variety of cultures. Arkansas IS my home state now and I enjoy every ounce of the “natural state”. Camping, boating, and biking Arkansas are some of the best kept secrets of Arkansas!

While growing up all over the world it was easy meeting friends from all over. Children just want to play! It’s how they experience and learn from the world around them. As an adult, retrospectively, I know wherever I went children were all the same because they just wanted to be happy and want to be loved.  

There are children all over Arkansas, the United States, and the world in various situations in need of a home, a family, a chance, and they are wanting a forever family. A family who will love them.

It wasn’t until I was well established in my career and adopted my baby that I realized there was a great need to help do my part in helping guide families on their adoption journey.

I started Kindred Spirits Adoption Services , because inviting someone into your home and sharing your personal information can be very intimidating. I want to put you at ease and allow you to focus on simply creating your family. Adopting can be exciting, highly emotional, and intimidating at the same time. I have been there!

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Kindred Spirits Adoption Services is a non-profit Adoption Agency providing affordable, open-minded, unbiased, domestic and international Adoption home studies for Arkansas residents.